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About Us

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Connecting across the whole Europe

What is the most amazing about Europe? Without any doubt, that’s the fact that all the countries have kept their different national identities, mentalities and languages. However, in the places where the divergence is high, it may prove to be difficult to communicate and cooperate.

That is why the ELITR project may do a significant difference.


Amazing Features

Face-to-face Conferences

Interpreting official speeches and workshop-style discussions.

Remote Conferences

Interpreting discussions held over a on-line platform is in today's globalized wold extremely important.


Coherent translations of larger documents and dialogues and also efficient systems with many source and/or target languages.

Automatic Minuting

Summarizing meetings in the form of structured minutes from speech and it can potentially save up to…

Language Focus

in Natural language processing

All other EU languages
All other EU languages
All other EUROSAI languages
All other EUROSAI languages

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What Do We Expect?

Savings across Sectors

There will be savings in multiple areas: savings on interpreting, which address the cost savings for private and public sector users of language technology solutions and savings…

Discussions that Would Never Happen

Aim of this impact is to overall increase the cross-language discussions. Every European should have the opportunity to engage in written and spoken communication activities without language…

More Efficient Meetings

This point addresses matters of many from public and private sectors, when it comes to time that is generally spent on writing and organizing minutes for a…

Scientific Impact

The goal of this impact is to provide European research and language technology industry with a better access to and usage of quality language resources and tools.

We make the difference!



Latest Posts

When a Good Translation is Wrong in Context

It is widely known that translating sentences in isolation is suboptimal because the correct translation may rely on context beyond the current sentence. One challenge…

The Reverse Babelfish

It is as awesome, as it sounds. Do you want to know more? Check out our video from Trade Fair.

PhD positions for ELITR

Charles University, UFAL is seeking PhD candidates in multiple NLP topics. Details on PhDs at UFAL: http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/phd More details on enrollment: Before officially applying, make…

Representatives of our Collaboration

Nice to meet you

Ondřej Bojar

Ondřej is the PI of the ELITR project for the Charles University. His main specialization is in the machine translation.

Rico Sennrich

Rico is an Assistant Professor at the University of Edinburgh and his interests cover from Natural Language Processing and machine translation.

Sebastian Stüker

Sebastian is leading research-group 3-01 'Multilingual Speech Recognition' at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He has extensive experience in cross-lingual communication.

Dario Franceschini

Dario is a Chief Technology Officer at PerVoice. He has experience with design and management of the development of the main core integration services.

Niko Fostiropoulos

Niko is a founder of alfatraining and its Chief Executive Officer of the educational center. His focus is on development of the in-house developed video conferencing system.

Tereza (Tea) Vojtěchová

Tea is a Project Manager at Charles University and takes care of the project administration, as well as of this website.

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