The overall goal of the project is to advance and apply language technologies for business communication. As one particular example, we take the domain of auditing, and SAO as our primary partner to test our technologies.

The whole project is divided into workpackages (WP) which contains corresponding actions and deliverables.

WP1: Data

D1.1: Initial Training Data, Separating Confidential and Public Version

D1.2: Year 1 Test Sets

D1.3: Internal Release of Corpus of Minutes (confidential)

D1.4: Year 2 Test Sets

D1.5: Final Training Data, Separating Confidential and Public Version

D1.6: Year 3 Test Sets

WP2: Automatic Speech Recognition

D2.1: Report on Initial ASR Systems

D2.2: Report 2 on ASR Systems

WP3: Spoken Language Translation

D3.1: Report 1 on Spoken Language Translation

D3.2: Report 2 on Spoken Language Translation

WP4: Multi-Lingual Machine Translation

D4.1: Initial Report on Multi-Lingual MT

D4.2: Intermediate Report on Multi-Lingual MT

D4.3: Final Report on Multi-Lingual MT

WP5: Automatic Minuting

D5.1: Initial Report on Summarization

D5.2: Final Report on Summarization

WP6: Integration and Deployment

D6.1: Publishing Platform

D6.2: Report on ELITR at EUROSAI Congress

D6.3: Intermediate Report on Integration

D6.4: Report on Follow-up SAO Events

D6.5: Demonstrator of Automatic Minuting

D6.6: Final Report on Integration

WP7: Dissemination

D7.1: Public Project Web Site and Updates

D7.2: Report on NLP technologies Workshop at EUROSAI Congress

D7.3: Dissemination and Explotation Plan: Intermediate, final (confidential)

D7.4: Report on Dissemination Actives: Intermediate, Final

WP8: Management

D8.1: Periodic Activity and Financial Reports (confidential)

D8.2: Project management Guide: Initial, Updates (confidential)

D8.3: Data Management Plan: Initial, Updates (confidential)

D8.4: Internal project web site (confidential)

D9.1-3: Ethics (confidential)