In the course of this project, there will be organised several workshops, so far we know about (and of course, you can find us there) these events:

25th International Trade Fair of Student Firms

  • Date: 20th – 22th March 2019
  • Place: Incheba Expo Praha, Křižíkův Pavilon B, Výstaviště, Prague, the Czech Republic

The Trade Fair of Student Firms is considered to be a prestigious international event thanks to its tradition, quality, professionalism, friendly ambience and the fact that it improves education of young people. These young people come to Prague every year to deepen their experience and knowledge in the fields of economics, accountancy and business.

Check out our video from Trade Fair.

Annual meeting of the Core Group 2, EUROSAI

  • Date: June 2019
  • Place: Prague, the Czech Republic

In the days 27th and 28th June 2019 will be held the annual meeting of representatives of the Core Group 2 of the EUROSAI working group on VAT WG issues. The workshop will discuss developments in the fight against VAT evasion at European and national levels, legislative innovations in the field of VAT, developments in e-commerce and the setting up of the final VAT system. There will be present guests from the CF Czech Republic, representatives of the EC and members of the subgroup will present. The presentations of the EC, ECA and individual members of the working group will also include the results of the VAT inspection activity.

EUROSAI Congress

  • Date: May 2020
  • Place: Prague, the Czech Republic
  • Links: [cz], [en]

The XI EUROSAI Congress that will be held in Prague in 2020 was named “3C-3E-3i“. These acronyms express what the Congress should be like and what its main message is. The goal of Congress will be to provide all participants with easily accessible and usable information for their work. Information they will be able to readily use upon their arrival home. Participation in the Congress should be the impetus for each delegation that desires to instantly propel their work forward to the benefit of citizens in the given country. It is the citizens to whom SAIs should bring added value.

  • 3C – communication, cooperation, comparison
  • 3E – effectiveness, efficiency, economy
  • 3i – information, innovation, interactivity